Friday, June 14, 2013

Upcycling a Dresser for Storage Space

Hello beauties. It has been quite some time since I've made a post. I am back and excited to share a new project that I've completed recently. I've found in my home that I can never have enough storage. I had been trying to figure out what I could make for quite some time that was easy on the pocket. When driving through my local town with my sister I came upon a garage sale, and there it was. The light-bulb went off and I knew I had to have it.

 photo 1004416_10152904434575206_227075691_n.jpg

Of course, it wasn't a stunner when I first bought it, but in my mind I had ideas for it. I managed to haggle it for only $30 at the garage sale which was amazing. I had seen similar dressers on swap boards and Kijiji going for $100+ and I knew that was out of my price range.

I headed out to my local Walmart with a color and vision in my mind. Since we don't have a lot of color in our home I knew that I wanted something bright and vibrant. Yellow came to my mind, with the help of my sister. I picked up a small can, along with two paint brushes and some sand paper and headed home. 

Paint Brushes 2'' Angle Brush and 3'' Regular Brush - $6.00

CIL Acrylic Laytex Paint in Yellow - $16.00
Sandpaper $1.00 per package
Total: 23.00$

 photo paint.jpg

I scruffed up the edges and started pulling out the drawers. I had made the decision that the small end drawers were going to be removed completely and used for shelving (which I'll show in another post.) I decided the smaller drawers could be replaced with wicker baskets and remove the dresser vibe.

 photo 995678_10152904434830206_668163220_n.jpg

 It was a process of a few days. I did the bulk of the painting in one night and then let it dry, then I did the minor touch ups. After a few coats of paint I became excited as I could see it starting to unfold. I then measured the drawer space and went out on the hunt for baskets. They were the most expensive purchase for the whole dresser at 6$ a basket.

In this picture I have two as I was testing them out. I figured if I didn't like them I could always return and try out other baskets.

 photo 179770_10152904434835206_729280721_n.jpg

Turned out, it matched really well and the hubby even started to see where I was going with it. 

The last day I saved for working on the larger drawers that I was keeping for the dresser. When you are working with drawers make sure to take off the handle when you are painting - it makes it so much easier to work around.

 photo 532504_10152904434590206_551812_n.jpg

 Now, don't get me wrong. I love the drawers, they are big and the yellow certainly brightened it up. However, I didn't like the inside. It was plain to me. My mom had sent me home with some wallpaper like material and I had it sitting in craft storage so I decided to dig it out and see how it would look. Turns out, it went really well with the color and the overall design I was going for.

 photo 1006242_10152904437995206_1134232375_n.jpg

My mom picked up this wallpaper like decal from the dollar store. Each roll cost her 2$. I did end up using 1 and a half on the four drawers.

Once the drawers were complete I assembled it all together. The drawers, the wicker baskets and some very simple decor that I had around the house.

 photo 994797_10152914432695206_988091936_n.jpg

Ta-da!!! My finished project turned out amazing. The flowers are dollar store, as we have cats and anything real would get eaten in a heartbeat. The HOME sign is also a dollar store purchase. The wine bottles are upcycled with chalkboard paint. The only thing for the decor that I actually had to purchase was the red owls and they are dual purpose as they also hold tea light candles in the back.

The dresser of your dreams may not look exactly like mine - this is meant to inspire you. Keep an eye out on those yard sales - I guarantee a dresser is waiting for you!

Until next time, stay crafty!

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