Wednesday, May 2, 2012

**Review** Antique Brooch Bouquets/Monroe Bridal

Hello everyone,


This actually isn't a DIY blog, but a review blog and it is for something I have seen on the internet becoming more and more popular. The Antique Brooch Bouquet. I am a DIYer but somehow I don't see myself doing an amazing job on this task. From what I have seen, there are different ways you can do this. 

I was browsing through swap pages on my Facebook and some of them happen to be wedding swaps so I saw there was a new post and it was from Monroe Bridal. Normally I don't check out things posted from businesses but in her title it talked about OOAK (One of a kind) accessories so I thought "What am I losing for taking a look?" I was blown away by her accessories, and more specifically her bouquets.

I first fell in love with my main bouquet shown below:
The colors of blues were perfect and I just fell in love. It is what they describe when you try on the THE dress. You just know you want it. The same thing happened here. This also happens to work because it has my wedding colors in the bouquet. I bought it and started showing it off. I like the ideas of antique brooch bouquets because they won't wilt, they cost around the same price as flowers and they work as a keepsake. Monroe Bridal is amazing because her stuff happens to be OOAK which I mentioned above. What that means is, once it is made and sold, there won't be another one like it. It is amazing. 

While showing off to everyone my bouquets, my future Mother in Law had a great idea. Why not get a smaller bouquet to throw away at your wedding? Obviously the one I bought I wasn't going to part with so I set out to talk with the owner of Monroe Bridal and discuss what options there were. She offered to make me one, but she also had one in her store that would go perfectly with the one I just purchased. Enter throw away bouquet:


I then fell in love with this one and knew it would go perfectly with my other bouquet. She was nice enough to take tons of pictures (to make sure I was happy) and she even showed them side by side. Once that image came through my mind was made up and I bought it too. They both came in the mail today and I am so much in love with both of them. I hope whoever catches the throw away loves it as much as I do. As for the actual store, Monroe Bridal? I recommend her to everyone. She has amazing customer service. She will work with you to make your dreams come to reality. I couldn't be more impressed with her. Check her out!

Until next time, happy crafting!
Much Love,
Krafty Kay

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