Tuesday, April 3, 2012

7UP Biscuits

With the chill in the air lately I decided to make some comfort food. When I think comfort I think of beef or chicken stew. I decided to go for beef stew and wanted to make my own biscuits instead of buying them. I immediately hit up Pinterest to see what I could find. I was surprised to find these beauties within a few minutes.


Source: http://www.plainchicken.com/2010/04/7up-biscuits.html

The recipe is extremely easy. I was nervous about making biscuits as it isn't something I normally make. Considering there was just the two of us eating I split the recipe in half. They turned out so amazing. I put them in the muffin tin to give them some shape.


If you enjoy moist breads/biscuits, then this recipe is for you. Overall it took me less than 20 minutes (including baking time.) As you can see it went well with supper.


Until next time, happy baking!
Much love,


  1. I Love ur things but I don't want to start a google account to get them. Just lookin at ur page here U are quit the talented person. I can't believe all the talented people on line. I had been looking for treats for our dogs and found these on pinterest but as I said I don't want a google account to get them or anything. I already have three accounts on my computer. And don't want google. Thank You for showing us what u do tho.

  2. Hi Patti!

    Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate your positive comments. I hope you were able to get the recipe you are looking for.