Saturday, March 24, 2012

some things capture the eye but others capture the heart

It was around Valentine's Day when I came across this beautiful wreath on Pinterest.


When I saw this my jaw dropped. I thought it was going to take some level of crafty skill that I was not yet at. Looking through the directions I saw that it actually was attainable and the first person I thought to make this for was T's mother. She has a very beautiful taste and I could some how visualize this in her home. I immediately began looking for the supplies, which for most are probably easy to obtain.
  • Foam heart shaped wreath
  • Pins
  • A nice red felt
However, where I live is pretty small and we don't always have access to everything. I ended up going with a grapevine wreath. I knew it wasn't going to be as easy to work with as foam, so I wrapped it in a red yarn which made it easier to work with. Now since I swapped out the foam wreath the pins wouldn't exactly stick into a grapevine wreath. Enter my trusty glue gun. Excuse my photography skills, but the craft sorta went like this:


I would recommend you leave yourself a couple of days to do this project. The cutting of circles can get a bit tiresome for one person. However, I saw this project extremely close to Valentine's Day and only had a night to complete this if I wanted to give it away on Valentine's Day. Thankfully, T lent a hand with the felt circles and the cutting. I stuck to folding the felt and gluing. The end product came out beautifully and was very well received. I also ended up making her a card to go with it.


Overall, I rate this craft 5/5. The directions were easy to follow and pictures were provided. However, don't attempt making this in one night unless you are extremely bored and love cutting felt circles. Not just a few, more like 100.

If you end up making this craft, please feel free to comment and let me know! I'd love to see your finished product.

Happy Crafting!
Much Love,

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